First person to reach 5,000 BASE jumps!!!

Chuma reaches 5,000 BASE jumps giving him the most jumps in the world.  Does it every get boring?  “Not a chance, I love Base jumping even more.  An experienced jumper has been through the rough times as well as the amazingly good times.  The rough times teach us to be humble and to always be on guard.  Things can happen at any moment, this is why it takes the mentality and skill of a ninja to do this sport.”  –Sean Chuma–

Chuma Appears on Right This Minute

Straight from Turkey Boogie 2017 in Moab, UT!  It was Chuma’s 8th year in a row to attend the annual event.  The Turkey Boogie is a gathering of BASE Jumpers, Slack liners, and Climbers who spend the holiday among the red rocks of Moab to do what they love to do. In this clip from the TV show “Right This Minute” Chuma executes a full twisting triple gainer off of the exit knows as “Sweet Spot.”  The video was taken by Will Kitto.

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Athlete Profile Video!!

We are please to release a video that we worked very hard to make.  It took several months of schedule alignment and timing to make this happen.  It is an athlete profile video about yours truly. 😉 Edited a shot by Jason Ebelheiser.  He is well known and is a great friend.  Our collaboration on this project turned out to be incredibly fun. This athlete profile video required shooting many days with many cameras.  We used drones, gimbals, microphones, and a few other gadgets.  I spent a lot of time on that rail waiting for Jason’s count down.  We blew it a couple times and had to re-shoot.  I don’t usually bust out the difficult tricks for just anyone.  This was a shared effort and I felt very comfortable stepping it up with my soul homie Jason.

Sean Chuma and Jason Ebelheiser during the collaboration of the Sean Chuma Athlete Profile Video.

When I first started Base Jumping, I never imagined it would take me to where I am today.  I started jumping with the intention of fulfilling a passion.  I always did it for the fun of it.  I have never gotten caught up in the desire to get the shot.  I continue to jump for the passion of it.  If we get cool shots, then so be it, but the important thing for a jumper is to be doing this risky sport for a reason that will bring them true joy.  Focusing on the shot can be distracting, this is why it was important to have someone that can focus on their job, while I focus on doing what I do.  The good vibes are important to me.  Jumping has been a major part of my spiritual growth in this life.  I honor it and keep my focus on my alignment with the higher self.

So if you like BASE jumping, watch it.  Feel free to share it also.  If you are interested in learning to Base jump or in trying a Tandem BASE Jump go to

Live on CNN

One day, about two weeks ago, I got an email from a producer from CNN.  They said they were going to be showing the movie “Sunshine Superman” on the network.  They were going to be running some interviews to educate the viewers about BASE Jumping, and they wanted to interview me.  I gladly accepted and had about a week before it was time.  I had to go to a studio in Boise on the night of the interview.  I found out on the way to Boise, two hours before, that it was going to be live.  Oh shiz! I thought.  I’ve never done a live interview this big before.  So I was pretty nervous for about a week before, because you never know what these guys are going to ask you.  Right before the interview, maybe a half hour, I felt calm and ready, and stoked to represent my family and sport.  It turned out to be very fun and mostly positive about BASE.  The world is becoming more and more interested in this amazing sport.  I’m happy to be an ambassador of my passion.  The people at CNN were very nice and respectful and very fun to work with.  So here it is.  My first live interview on national television.  Maybe I’ll run for Mayor of Twin Falls some day ;).

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.38.39 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.38.55 PM


Vince Hempsall: A truly amazing writer

I had this reporter guy contact me about doing a Tandem Base Jump.  Lots of times I really think that media peeps are just trying to get a discount on the jumps.  I also wonder if they are trying to write some story about the dark side of base.  I talked with this guy and decided that he was actually really cool.  Little did I know that he was one of the dopest writers I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  I took him and his partner Marley for some jumps and good times at a 500 ft bridge, and the best part about it was to see how Vince Hempsall portrayed the experience.  I absolutely love this article.  Check it and all the other video and such.  Right here