Athlete Profile Video!!

We are please to release a video that we worked very hard to make.  It took several months of schedule alignment and timing to make this happen.  It is an athlete profile video about yours truly. 😉 Edited a shot by Jason Ebelheiser.  He is well known and is a great friend.  Our collaboration on this project turned out to be incredibly fun. This athlete profile video required shooting many days with many cameras.  We used drones, gimbals, microphones, and a few other gadgets.  I spent a lot of time on that rail waiting for Jason’s count down.  We blew it a couple times and had to re-shoot.  I don’t usually bust out the difficult tricks for just anyone.  This was a shared effort and I felt very comfortable stepping it up with my soul homie Jason.

Sean Chuma and Jason Ebelheiser during the collaboration of the Sean Chuma Athlete Profile Video.

When I first started Base Jumping, I never imagined it would take me to where I am today.  I started jumping with the intention of fulfilling a passion.  I always did it for the fun of it.  I have never gotten caught up in the desire to get the shot.  I continue to jump for the passion of it.  If we get cool shots, then so be it, but the important thing for a jumper is to be doing this risky sport for a reason that will bring them true joy.  Focusing on the shot can be distracting, this is why it was important to have someone that can focus on their job, while I focus on doing what I do.  The good vibes are important to me.  Jumping has been a major part of my spiritual growth in this life.  I honor it and keep my focus on my alignment with the higher self.

So if you like BASE jumping, watch it.  Feel free to share it also.  If you are interested in learning to Base jump or in trying a Tandem BASE Jump go to