Live on CNN

One day, about two weeks ago, I got an email from a producer from CNN.  They said they were going to be showing the movie “Sunshine Superman” on the network.  They were going to be running some interviews to educate the viewers about BASE Jumping, and they wanted to interview me.  I gladly accepted and had about a week before it was time.  I had to go to a studio in Boise on the night of the interview.  I found out on the way to Boise, two hours before, that it was going to be live.  Oh shiz! I thought.  I’ve never done a live interview this big before.  So I was pretty nervous for about a week before, because you never know what these guys are going to ask you.  Right before the interview, maybe a half hour, I felt calm and ready, and stoked to represent my family and sport.  It turned out to be very fun and mostly positive about BASE.  The world is becoming more and more interested in this amazing sport.  I’m happy to be an ambassador of my passion.  The people at CNN were very nice and respectful and very fun to work with.  So here it is.  My first live interview on national television.  Maybe I’ll run for Mayor of Twin Falls some day ;).

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