World Travels and fulfilled Dreams

Hello World,  this summer is off to a perfect start.  I have been going full speed with First Base Jump Courses, Tandem Base jumps, Speedflying, TV shows, and the endless interviews for magazines and news reporters.  One thing I am very excited about is Dorothy Custer’s 103rd Birthday.  We are taking her on a hot air balloon ride.  Last year we gave her 3 wishes, which were:  1. Base jump off the Perrine Bridge, 2. Ride and elephant, 3. Ride in a hot air balloon.  We did the jump and rode the elephant.  Time for the 3rd.  For her b day we will be going to Utah to Sail the sky.  I’m taking a parachute.  We have the best and best looking local news girl going with us too!  Happy B day Dorothy.  You are the sweetest lady on earth.